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I still remember glimpsing the world through my father’s SLR camera for the first time. I was a teenager atop a mesa in the desert Southwest.  From that time on, photography has become a growing passion.

I’ve been making images with a DSLR since 2007. I am self-taught, learning about camera and post-processing technique through forums, blogs, books, and photography websites. I am drawn to the simplicity of texture, form, and tonality of black and white images.  Chicago Lake Shore in B&W is a personal photography project featuring cityscapes, seascapes, and intimate landscapes along the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago.  This project combines my love of black and white photography with my interest in photographing locally.

I photographed Chicago Lake Shore in B&W over a 17 month period while living in Chicago near Lake Michigan.  The majority of images were captured along a two mile stretch of shore on the north side of Chicago, an area which includes Osterman Beach, Foster Beach, Montrose Beach, and Montrose Point.  This body of work has been my foot in the door of fine art photography.  Exactly one year into the project I had my first gallery showing in Chicago.  Fine art prints from this series can be found at Gallery Bar Chicago, a fantastic restaurant and gallery near downtown Chicago.

I am honored to share this project with you, and I hope that you enjoy the photographs as much as I enjoyed creating them.

All print purchases are personally inspected, approved, and signed prior to shipping.


Jon Daining

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